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Winter 2018  1-How to leave your home to the kids 2-Communicate with your kids before leaving unequal assets 3-Pre-litigation claims can be effective in estate tax disputes 4-Proposed regulations curtailing valuation discounts withdrawn

Fall 2017  1-Learn from celebrities’ estate planning blunders 2-Mishandling terminations can lead to headaches 3-Must websites accommodate blind users? 4-Spat between parents may constitute ‘change in circumstances’

Summer 2017  1-Estate planning options for blended families 2-Beware the pitfalls of naming a minor as your beneficiary 3-How to change an irrevocable trust 4-Review your estate plan when you move across state lines  5-Issues to consider before gifting your home to your child

Spring 2017  1-What should employers expect from a Trump administration? 2-Be aware that your credit monitoring scores can differ 3-Parents battle over screen time 4-Act early if you think you’ve experienced medical malpractice

Winter 2017  1-Valuation discounts for transfers in family businesses in jeopardy 2-Remarriage is a reminder to revisit your estate plan 3-Should you amend or rewrite your revocable trust? 4-Survivorship life insurance can be good vehicle for estate planning

Fall 2016 1-Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. 2-The danger of waiting too long to do estate planning 3-Do you really understand your Miranda rights? 4-Divorcing? Record your home on your smartphone 5-New overtime rules start December 1

Summer 2016  1-New problem for some executors and heirs 2-The advantages of making a list of assets and debts 3-Charitable donations from your IRA could save taxes 4-Spendthrift trust gets divided at divorce 5-Financial advisors have more responsibility to client

Spring 2016  1-Starting an LLC? What you need to know 2-Divorce refinancing home issues 3-Manufacturer is sued for confusing safety instructions 4-More workers are able to sue for age discrimination 5-Some gifts to charity should be made now, not in your will 6-New, easier forms will help mortgage shoppers

Winter 2016  1-Asset Protection is for Everyone 2-IRS Tax Crackdown Might Actually End up Helping; 3-Preparing Now for the Possibility of Alzheimer’s Disease; 4-Having Two Trustees May Be Better than One; 5-Audrey Hepburn’s Sons Battle over Keepsakes for 23 Years

Fall 2015  1-Remarrying? Always Consider a Prenup; 2-Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Are Surprisingly Common; 3-Some Bequests That ‘Look’ Equal Really Aren’t; 4-IRS Explains Mortgage Interest Deduction for Multiple Owners; 5-Late-Night E-Mails Might Entitle Workers to Overtime

Summer 2015  1-How to Avoid Common Trust Mistakes; 2-Families with Disabled Children Get New Tax-Saving Accounts; 3-Converting to a Roth IRA Can Help with Estate Planning; 4-New Laws May Clarify Estate Planning for Online Assets

Winter 2014/2015  1-Federal Advertising Guidelines for Businesses; 2-Case by Case; 3-Arbitration Clauses in Employment Contracts; 4-Employment Law Guidebook; 5-Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estate Plan

Fall 2014  1-Homoweners’ Insurance:  The Devil Resides in the Details; 2-“Cybersmear” Lawsuits; 3-Age Discrimination in Employment; 4-The Marital Deduction:  A Valuable Estate Planning Tool; 5-Capped Commissions

Summer 2014  1-Small Businesses and Job Discrimination; 2-Noncompetition Agreements and Arbitration; 3-Real Estate Deals Gone Wrong; 4-Estimated Taxes for Business Owners; 5-Ensure Your Financial Privacy

Spring 2014  1-Before You Start a Business…; 2-Estate Planning – Powers of Appointment; 3-Public Use Required for Eminent Domain; 4-Tax-Free Gains from Home Sales; 5-Recreational-Use Immunity for Golf Injury

Winter 2013/2014  1-Deducting the Business Use of your Home; 2-Email is Binding; 3-When is an Employee a “Supervisor”?; 4-What is a REIT?; 5-Weather the Storm

Fall 2013  1-LLC’s-the Best of all Worlds?; 2-Employees Responsible for Beneficiary Designations;  3-Protect Your Plastic;  4-HOA Can Regulate Common Areas;  5-Identity Theft Policies for Business

Summer 2013  1-Take the Time to Update Your Will; 2-Taxes on Gambling Winnings; 3-Long Arm of the Law; 4-Careful Whom You Add to Accounts; 5-New HIPAA Rule

Spring 2013  1-American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012; 2-Arbitration Agreements Can Go Too Far; 3-Facebook Posting Leads to an “F”; 4-Employers Combat FMLA Abuse; 5-Financial Fraud Against the Elderly 

Winter 2012/2013  1-Classifying Employees for Wages;  2-Underwater Homeowners Get a Life Raft;  3-Pitfalls of Being an Executor;  4-401(k) Loans and Hardship Withdrawals;  5-How Long Has This Been Going On?

Fall 2012  1-Criminal background checks on employees;  2-Lottery winnings and gift taxes;  3-Fair Housing Act doesn’t apply to roommates;  4-Land purchasers get money back;  5-LLC Member personally liable

Summer 2012  1-Confidential e-mails: proceed with caution;  2-The company is worth how much?;  3-Real estate roundup;  4-Employee or contractor?; IRS offers amnesty;  5-Retirement account overview

Spring 2012  1-ADA primer for small businesses;  2-Fair Credit Reporting Act claims;  3-Estate Planning-private reverse mortgages;  4-Mystery of the old bank account

Winter 2011/2012  1-Organize estate plan documents;  2-Natural gas exploration in suburbs;  3-Freeze your credit to deter ID theft;  4-Golf course hazards

Fall 2011  1-SBA loans;  2-Estate Planning with ILITs;  3-Charitable deductions;  4-Financial Data Tips

Summer 2011 1-Franchise your Business; 2-Deleting Company E-mail; 3- Social Media in Workplace  4- Real Estate Settlement Procedures 5- New Gift Tax Break

Spring 2011  1-New Federal Tax Law Enacted;  2-Real Estate Roundup;  3-Cybersquatting and the Courts;  4-Employment Retaliation Claims Surging;  5-Different Ways to Hold Investment Property

Winter 2010/2011  1-U.S. Supreme Court: Arbitration is the New Employment Law; 2-Taking Land for Economic Development; 3-Bank Accounts are A-Changing; 4-Season Tickets cannot be Seized; 5- Junk Fax Exemptions